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   Fees and Payment  
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1.Estimate of Fee (Typical case for non-resident)
At first, my office should see the outline of the requested work by e-mail or telephone.
Next, my office will advise the estimated fee to you based on the outline of work.
My office will request a part of the estimated fee as deposit before starting.
Depending on the case, my office may accept contingent fee system.

By remittance to the designated bank account.Please bear remittance expense.

3. Flowchart (Typical case, not for the frequent customers and any special cases)
E-mail from clients


Correspondence for understanding of the outline of the requested work


Estimate of fee for the requested work and confirmation of approval from clients


Confirmation of receipt of deposit for the requested work


Commencement of the requested work


(Additional deposit,depending on the case)


Completion of the requested work


Invoice of the balance of fee

The above description is for typical cases only. If your needs are different, my office will make efforts to find other ways which meet your needs.